Jim Bob Duggar Rallies The Troops To Gush Over Michelle For Mother’s Day

The Duggar family stepped in front of a video camera to wish Michelle a happy Mother’s Day.

It seems fairly obvious how much Jim Bob Duggar loves his wife Michelle and he has no worries about posting videos to show it. That is just what he did in honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday. He also called on his kids, or at least a few of them, to stand alongside him to gush over their mama. The video can be seen on the family’s official website.

Jim Bob starts off by telling Michelle what a great wife and mother she is. He also sealed his affections with a kiss. Surrounding their mother were a few of her 19 kids, or make that 20, as the Duggar patriarch says. Michelle’s nephew, Tyler, is now a part of their family. He is seen in the video, as well as Jana, three of the older boys, and Jackson, who isn’t too sure on what to do. He and Tyler were the only ones who didn’t say anything about Michelle.

Jana first told her mom what she means to her and then the rest followed suit saying that they appreciate the time she spends with them. The clip ended with two bouquets of flowers for her. Oh, and one more smooch from Jim Bob.

Michelle said that she got to talk with her older married kids and their spouses as well. This was Joy’s first Mother’s Day as a new mom. A photo was posted on Facebook of her along with husband Austin Forsyth and their baby boy, Gideon. There hasn’t been many photos of the little guy so far, so Duggar fans thought this was a treat.


The videos seem to be a Duggar family tradition. The whole family will shoot a clip for every birthday, anniversary, baby birth, or wedding, or any other special day they can think of, and fans love to see them. One comment that was left after this Mother’s Day video was posted wished Jana a happy Mother’s Day, not Michelle. The explanation was that Jana does a lot of the work around the Duggar house that a mother is supposed to do. Of course, that sparked a debate on whether Jana is trapped in her house doing all the work, or if she considers it a blessing to help out.

There is always controversy that surrounds this family. Their Christian values and the lifestyle they choose to live are questioned every time something is posted. Whether you agree or disagree, it sure keeps them in the spotlight. Expect to see more courting, babies, and maybe another Duggar wedding on another season of Counting On this summer.

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