Jinger Duggar: She’s Pregnant! Just Look at Her Eyes!

For the record, Jinger Duggar is not showing a baby bump.

If you look at her midsection, you’d have no reason to think this reality star was expecting a baby.

But go ahead and raise your head a little bit, a number of social media users out there are suggesting. Take a peek elsewhere.

All good? Did you go ahead and do so, upon seeing the photo above?

And do you now agree that Jinger Duggar is totally and obviously pregnant?

No? You don’t? Then perhaps you either aren’t looking hard enough…. or, even more likely, perhaps you don’t know what we’re asking you to look for here.

Let’s have a handful of Jinger followers explain:

“That is the face of… a pregnancy… I’m having a horrible pregnancy and my eyes have bright red circles around them just like that,” one user wrote on Reddit after seeing the very first photo shared on this page.

“My exact thought. You can always tell in the eyes,” someone else wrote.

It’s not unusual, of course, for folks around the Internet to wonder whether or not a Duggar family member is pregnant.

Let’s face it: Rarely does a week go by in which one of these women isn’t making a baby announcement, with Joy-Anna the latest to confirm such blessed news.

This is the first time we can recall, however, in which pregnancy rumors have started to run rampant based solely on the expression in someone’s eyes.

Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo got married in 2016 and welcomed a daughter named Felicity in July of 2018.

There’s actually been talk of late that Jinger both hates being a mom and is also a terrible mom, so it’s unclear whether she’ll ever have more kids.

Actually, who are we kidding? Of course she will.

In more serious news, though, Jinger didn’t actually comment on her eyes via the caption attached to the picture in question.

She did, however, touch on the state of the world in light of the ongoiing Covid-19 outbreak.

‘We’ve been enjoying some much-needed spring cleaning, finding new recipes online to whip up, and running around the house and backyard chasing Felicity,” she wrote about sheltering at home in Los Angeles, adding:

“Like everyone else, we’ve never experienced anything like this before.

“But it helps us realize how grateful we are for the gifts God has given us, especially our relationship with him and with each other.”

And she concluded as follows:

In these difficult days, be sure to text a friend, video chat with family, and let them know you’re grateful for and love them. Stay safe, stay strong

Amen to that, Jinger.

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