Jinger Duggar Sparks Concern Over Daughter; Is Evangeline Okay?!?

We hate to speculate about the following subject.

It’s sensitive and it’s personal and, in many ways, it should be off limits.

But we’re also a celebrity gossip website and we often write about the Duggars and this is a topic clearly of great interest to anyone who follows that family.

So we’re just gonna go ahead and tread lightly…

Over the last several weeks, uncomfortable question have started to swirl around Jinger Duggar, her husband Jerermy and, most specifically, their second daughter, Evangeline.

The precious little girl was born in November.

Early on, as you might expect, social media users were treated to a number of photos of the newborn.

Here. Check out this adorable snapshot below:

That was back then, however. Mostly in 2020.

Jinger has not shared a picture of her second child since November 28.

We’d say this is none of our busines and we’d simply assume everything is alright.

But let’s face it: Jinger often posts on Instagram and, in this day and age, one can understand why followers would be wondering why she stopped passing along pictures of young Evangeline.

“Please explain why you stopped posting the kiddos?” one person asked in the Comments section. “Is everything ok? Is the baby even alive?”

Whoa there. Let’s slow our roll a little there, Instagram commenter.

“Seriously where are the pics of Evangeline?” another fan questioned. “When Felicity was born there were pics of her everywhere.”

“They actually did show Felicity’s face in the new video, but not the baby’s,” added yet another curious fan. “Makes you wonder if something is wrong with the baby.”

Again, we feel very awkward even bringing this up — but we get it.

We get the questions.

And we assume most come from a place of true concern; no judgment at all, that’s for certain.

For whatever reason, followers often dissect and analyze Jinger’s Instagram account.

Many remarked on how sad she seemed just this past Valentine’s Day.

These same people apparently still think Jinger is unhappy in her marriage. Just consider this recent comment:

“I heard a rumor you guys are breaking up! Is this true? Hope not love the 4 of you together!”

Duggar has not yet responded to questions about her relationship or about her daughter.

Perhaps she hasn’t seen them yet, or perhaps she’s offended by just how wild/specific some of the speculation has become.

“I read Jingers new baby has Down syndrome and that why she stop pictures and pulled away from social media,” wrote one individual, likely crossing a line.

That’s not the sort of thing anyone ought to be perpetuating online.

We’re just gonna sit back and refrain from joining this chorus, even if most of its members have good intentions.

We’re gonna assume Jinger is simply keeping her baby and her private life a bit more private than usual these days and do you know what we’re gonna do about that decision?

We’re gonna respect it.

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