Joan Collins Blasts U.K. Government for Asking Elderly to Remain in Lockdown

The former ‘Dynasty’ actress slams ‘ageist’ U.K. government lockdown measures that advise the over-70s to stay indoors to avoid contracting coronavirus.

AceShowbizJoan Collins has slammed U.K. government lockdown measures designed to protect the elderly from COVID-19 as “ageist.”

Writing in British political magazine The Spectator, the 86-year-old actress claimed advice to over-70s to stay indoors and to avoid going out unless absolutely necessary is discriminatory and damaged people’s views of the old.

In her column, Joan raged, “I’ve always thought Western society was terribly ageist, and I don’t just mean showbiz folk but across the board.”

“Then the UK government insisted the over-70s, horrible expression, were part of the vulnerables, an even more horrible expression, and should remain in lockdown, the most horrible expression of all, until a vaccine is found.”

“That was utter discrimination against the hardy individuals who have no health issues. But more harmful was bolstering the existing belief among the general public that the old should keep out of everyone’s way.”

The Dynasty actress added that “stunningly healthy” old people like her should not be limited in what they are allowed to do.

She also expressed anger that 88-year-old actor William Roache may not be able to return to the set of U.K. soap “Coronation Street” straight away when filming resumes and fumed that her showbiz pal, Christopher Biggins, 71, had been told by members of the public that he should stay inside instead of being out running.

Although COVID-19 lockdown measures are being eased for many Brits, the over-70s are included in the list of vulnerable groups advised to “minimise contact with anyone outside their household.”

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