Joe Morton and Brandon Michael Hall on the importance of family in “God Friended Me”

“God Friended Me” stars Joe Morton and Brandon Micheal Hall joined Kevin Frazier and Keltie Knight at the Thanksgiving Day Parade to talk about their new show. The CBS series premiered in September. 

Hall revealed that it’s not his first time at the parade, saying, “I went to school right up this way, so we used to watch the parade from here, but my mom and my dad are here downstairs so they’re seeing the parade for the first time.” 

The pair talked about how family plays into “God Friended Me.” Hall explained, “We’re dealing with religion and spirituality and coming at it from a family dynamic, from a community dynamic and to be able to work with Joe is a dream come true.” He said Morton is like a father figure to him, saying, “I’m like, here with my dad, to watch this parade and have this experience with him.” 

Morton said of the series, “The show is about humanity. It’s about connectivity. It’s about helping other people. Even though there’s God in the title, there’s no sort of God or angels who appear.” 

Morton said it’s a nice change of pace from his bad guy character on “Scandal.”

“In the show, I’m a reverend, so diametrically opposed to the other guy,” he said. But he admitted that he misses his relationship with his “Scandal” fans. Morton said, “I miss the rest of the cast and I think we all sort of miss tweeting to our ‘gladiators.'” 

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