John Legend Claps Back at Kanye West’s Donald Trump Love — ‘Artist’s Can’t Be Blind To The Truth’

Did John Legend just shade Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump?! See the tweet that has fans convinced he did!

Kanye West has returned to social media with a vengeance. The rapper/producer stirred many fans into frenzy when he admitted to having “love” for President Donald Trump. He also posted a wild selfie of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, leaving many of his Twitter followers shook! And while his wife Kim Kardashian is defending his rant, it appears his pal John Legend is not. “I love that great, brilliant artist have the power to imagine a better future. But artist can’t be blind to the truth,” John tweeted on April 25. Could he be referring to Kanye?

“@KanyeWest John is trying to help you. Stop tweeting and please listen,” one fan tweeted in response to John’s message. Yikes! “I imagine there’s some comfort in imagining a future without racism and projecting that onto the present. Thinking if we just deny the truth, it doesn’t exist. If history is erased, we don’t have to deal with its consequences,” John continued. “However… far too many people don’t have the luxury of closing their eyes and ears. They feel it in their lives and can’t act like what they see and know doesn’t exist,” John added. Of course, it’s unclear as to who John is talking about, but the timing of it all is too big of a coincidence.

Interestingly, John isn’t the only celebrity to clap back at Kanye. Azealia Banks took to Instagram to comment on his Twitter rant, and her message wasn’t subliminal at all. “No @KimKardashian Kanye is not ahead of his time. I said alllll of these things during the election. I had an actual reason for it. Never once did I call trump a good person or say he deserves “love.” Y’all are aggravating the black people at the expense of dragging their outrage into more clicks/streams etc. for whatever Kanye is about to drop,” Azealia said in response to Kim’s defense of Kanye. Ouch!

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