John Travolta takes selfies with fellow shoppers in Morrisons

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The Grease and Pulp Fiction double Oscar winner posed happily for selfies with stunned fans as he stocked up in the Fakenham supermarket. Shop worker and “massive fan” Nicola Gee was first to spot the 68-year-old actor. She said: “I’m still a bit starstruck.”

While security guard Gary Middleton thought colleagues were pulling his leg. He said: “I wandered up the aisles and came across him near the bread counter. I said ‘So you are John Travolta?’ And he said ‘Yes’. We had a little joke. He’s a great chap.”

Travolta was also spotted in Norwich where Grease lover Siobhan Beavan said it was “great to meet Danny Zuko” – his character in the 1978 film.

Pub-goer Jamie Slater also asked for a snap with Travolta as he ate with friends in The Romany Rye in Dereham.

The movie legend has been shooting short film The Shepherd, based on a 1975 RAF-based ghost story by Daily Express columnist Frederick Forsyth, in West Raynham.

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