Johnny Depp Files Lawsuit Claiming He Punched That Crew Member In Self Defense!

Johnny Depp is defending himself.

In a new lawsuit filed last week, the actor claimed he punched a film crew member on the set of City of Lies in self-defense.

The docs come as a response to a lawsuit filed by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks in July, which claim that Depp struck him during a shoot at the Barclay Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

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But the 55-year-old now says he was “provoked” into striking Brooks, who allegedly “maliciously acted out” causing Depp to “fear for his safety.”

The litigation reads, according to TheWrap:

“The acts complained of by Plaintiff were provoked by Plaintiff’s unlawful and wrongful conduct in that Plaintiff willfully and maliciously acted out and conducted his activities in such a manner as to cause, Defendant Depp to fear for his safety, and according to Defendant Depp’s observations, Defendant Brad Furman for his safety… the Complaint and each of its causes of action are barred, or recovery reduced, by Plaintiff’s own carelessness, recklessness and/or negligence.”

As we reported, Brooks told a much different story in his suit. He said he was working as a location manager on the film and was instructed to tell Depp that production was extended for the night.

When he broke the news to the actor, Depp allegedly grew upset, screaming in his face and angrily punching him multiple times. The actor then said he would give Brooks $100,000 to punch him in the face.

In Depp’s new filings, the actor claims that Brooks didn’t take the necessary steps to mitigate the damages he “proximately caused to himself.” Depp is asking for a judgment in his favor and that the costs of the suit and attorney fees be returned to him.

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