Jonathan Van Ness reveals he got married in secret last year

In an Instagram post on New Year’s Eve, Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness announced he secretly tied the knot with “best friend” Mark Peacock.

Between Christmas and New Year, many of us took to social media to reflect on the unforgettable year that was 2020. We looked for the light in a year of individual, national and global hardship, sharing the books we’d read, the dogs we’d adopted and the TV shows we’d watched. 

And however we spent our time, we all universally acknowledged that it was OK if, actually, we didn’t do anything more than “just survive.”

That said, it’s always genuinely heartening to see those who have thrived, especially when that someone is the endless source of joy, motivation and inspiration: Jonathan Van Ness. 

The Queer Eye star took to Instagram on 31 December to look back on the whirlwind year that was, and to announce some very exciting news… he tied the knot!

“Thank you universe for allowing me to be here & thanks to everyone who has supported me,” he began his post. “2020 was a year unlike any other. I got to campaign & get more involved politically.

I finished my tour in Australia & NZ for what I didn’t know would be my last standup show for who knows how long. I got married to my best friend & have a loving partner to continue building my life with.”

That best friend and loving partner is Mark Peacock, who is snapped holding Jonathan’s hand in the fourth picture of his Instagram carousel, presumably on their wedding day.

Mark also posted news of the marriage on his own Instagram, alongside a sweet selfie of the couple, revealing that he left his native London to move Stateside to be with the star.

“2020 brought on more changes than I’ve ever been a part of before,” Mark wrote. “I left London and moved across the Atlantic, got dressed up for numerous seriously hilarious zoom quizzes, re-discovered a love for gardening, learn to drive on the left, got married to my soulmate and one true love @jvn and adopted a little Jack Russell called Pablo and entered a family with 4 amazing cats.

“2020 brought so much pain and sorrow for folks that’s in so many ways heartbreaking to see but I sure do hope some of the love I’ve found this year can make its way into the world in 2021, 2020 might almost be over but it sure won’t be forgotten. 2021, I’m ready for you. Hope you’re staying safe & healthy out there.”

It’s unclear when the wedding took place, however Instagram comments from Van Ness’ Queer Eye co-stars suggest they’ve been sitting on it for a while.

“Here’s hoping next year is so much better, and that we can finally celebrate your marriage,” wrote Tan France.

“Yay!! That was a hard secret to keep!! love you Mark and Johnny! ♥️” added co-star Bobby Berk.

“Yay! We can finally celebrate it publicly!! So happy for you!!!!!!” commented Karamo Brown.

And as for Antoni Porowski, who for so long nearly (nearly) made us believe that he and Jonathan were a couple? 

“Wait you got a dog?!?!?!”

Priorities, eh? 

As well as announcing the marriage and the adoption of the aforementioned Jack Russell Pablo, JVN also shared photos in the Instagram carousel of other achievements and memories from 2020, like weekly zoom quizzes with “folks I miss all the time Nicola Coughlan & co.” 

JVN and Nicola continue to be one of our favourite celebrity friendships, with Nicola recently posting a snap of Jonathan visiting her on the set of Bridgerton

Jonathan also celebrated a year of meeting new friends like activist Ashlee Marie Preston, tumbling with “the icon of icons” Simone Biles and hosting the Emmy nominations over FaceTime with his Queer Eye co-stars.

He rounded off his post with a sweet selfie of him with his mother, writing, “Last but not least the last time I got to see my mom who I’m so so proud of all she’s done this year & can’t wait to see her again soon. I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy in these coming days

Congratulations Jonathan and Mark!

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