Josh Brolin’s Daughter Is Engaged

Announcing the happy news on Instagram, Josh posts a picture of the bride-to-be Eden sharing a kiss with fiance Cameron Crosby.

Actor Josh Brolin is expecting yet another addition to his expanding family – a new son-in-law.

The Deadpool 2 star and his wife Kathryn Boyd announced her pregnancy in May and the 50 year old now has a wedding to look forward to after learning his 24-year-old daughter, Eden, is engaged to Cameron Crosby.

“My little girl’s getting married, asked by a guy whom I adore. Imagine that?” he added. “A guy who I have a strong feeling will look after her best interests, keep her heart safe. Congratulations, you two. I couldn’t be more proud, more moved, or more relieved. Congratulations!!!!”.

Meanwhile, Josh is expecting his third child with his third wife Kathryn just months from now. He became engaged to the model just two years after he divorced actress Diane Lane following nine years of marriage in 2013.

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