Julia Roberts, 52, Lets Her Natural Hair Blow In The Wind While Walking Her Dogs — Pic

While Julia Roberts previously donned a protective mask and gloves to go shopping, she showed off her gorgeous face while walking her dogs in Malibu amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The last time we saw Julia Roberts, the 52-year-old was unrecognizable with her coronavirus protection face mask, long sleeves and gloves. But she was back to her stunning movie star self on Apr. 22 while taking her dogs for a walk in Malibu. Julia hid her famous body, wearing loose denim mechanic-style coveralls and comfy trainers on her feet. She hit the tree-lined sidewalks with her two chocolate labs in tow. Julia’s famed light red wavy locks blew in the breeze of the beautiful spring day.

Julia donned a pair of tinted aviator sunglasses to protect her eyes from the glaring sun. She went makeup free for the walk, and still looked so gorgeous. There was no one seen around her as she broke quarantine for some exercise and vitamin D, as well as giving her dogs a chance to blow off some energy. So she was safely more than six feet away from anyone and practicing social distancing.

The last time Julia was photographed out in public, she was so suited up to protect herself against the coronavirus that the only way anyone could tell it was the Pretty Woman star was from her flowing, fabulous hair. She went on a supply run to CVS on Apr. 3 and donned a large face mask and dark sunglasses that completely covered up her face. Julia also wore protective latex gloves as she pushed her bag-filled cart out of the store. That was earlier on in the COVID-19 “Safer at Home” lockdown, when many store shelves were wiped clean of much-needed items, and there were lines to get into grocery stores.

Julia seemed to feel okay minus a mask while walking her dogs outdoors without anyone else around. Although other celebs like Joe Jonas, 30, and allegedly pregnant wife Sophie Turner, 24, have still worn face masks while taking their pups for daily walks around their neighborhood.

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