Justin Bieber Gets Hailey Baldwin’s Help in Selling Out Cheap Hotel Slippers

AceShowbiz -The slippers Justin Bieber gifted his new wife Hailey Baldwin for Christmas have sold out.

The Cheap Hotel Slippers, the first items to be released from the singer’s clothing line, The House of Drew, were purchased in droves after the star promoted them on his Instagram page.

Bieber took to the photo sharing site on Tuesday, December 25 and shared a photo of the comfortable footwear, adorned with the brand’s smiley face logo. The unisex slip-ons are described on the collection’s official site as “super soft white slippers with the iconic smiley face design,” and “perfect for drew house guests and anyone who enjoys slipping their feet into something cozy at the end of the day”.

Hours earlier, Baldwin also posted a similar snap with the product.

The “Baby” hitmaker filed trademark applications for The House of Drew and La Maison Drew for his “clothing and wearing apparel ventures” back in February (2018), using his middle name Drew for the title of the fashion venture.

The star first teased the clothing collection in November, sharing the line’s logo on Instagram.


Though Bieber has been spotted wearing sweatshirts of varying colours displaying the label’s graphics, there is no word yet on when the additional merchandise is set to be released on House of Drew’s official website.


Meanwhile, Baldwin may soon be joining her hubby as a fashion creator, telling Elle she is keen to design her own items.

“I have so many ideas, and I’m really into trends and am pretty in tune with what people my age are wearing and like to wear,” the model told the publication. “Right now, I’m having a great time wearing other peoples’ designs. There are so many young talented designers out there.”

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