Justin Bieber Just Shaved Off All His Hair

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin no longer have matching haircuts. After twinning with his wife for months, Justin Bieber has finally chopped off all of his long golden blonde hair. 

Her debuted his new buzz cut in a mirror selfie that he posted on his Instagram story. No caption, just a grinning, perhaps proud, very enthusiastic face. Perhaps Baldwin recommended a fresh cut, or maybe Bieber was just itching for a change. And then there’s the very real possibility that he no longer wanted to be associated with the man who eats a burrito sideways.

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Considering Bieber has been living that “long hair, don’t care” life for almost a year now, regardless, it was quite the shocking switch-up. The new cut also gives us a glimpse at his natural dark blonde hair. 

One thing is for certain now, though. Hailey Baldwin no longer has to share her conditioner. 

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