Justin Bieber Serenades Hailey Baldwin — and Paparazzi — at Seemingly Well Coordinated “Surprise Performance”

Dressed in a typically outlandish tie-dye hoodie, Justin Bieber took out a guitar at one of the most popular tourist sites in the UK, if not all of Europe — in front of the Victoria Memorial on the Mall across from Buckingham Palace. There, with little apparent warning, he began to sing a couple of songs to his probably-wife Hailey Baldwin.

The songs seemed heartfelt, the first being “Cold Water,” Justin’s collab with Major Lazar from a couple years back, and his second being a shortened version of Tracey Chapman’s “Fast Car.” At some point, appearing overcome by the cuteness of the gesture, Hailey began recording the romantic performance.

The global press ate up the moment, based on the published reports today. CNN reported

Justin Bieber made an unexpected appearance outside Buckingham Palace in London to the delight of surprised fans and passersby Tuesday … Bieber’s fiancée Hailey Baldwin, 21, stood among a small crowd that had gathered to watch the pop icon busk … As he perched at the fountains of Victoria Memorial, Bieber strummed his guitar and said, ‘That girl right there is the love of my life.’ The crowd swooned.”

Meanwhile, the BBC emphasized the spontaneous nature of Justin’s busking, saying “The US singer’s impromptu gig not only surprised fans but also his fiancee Hailey Baldwin as he started to serenade her.” Billboard gushed over the ‘serenade’ and pointed out that “Justin Bieber knows how to make the ladies–especially Hailey Baldwin–swoon.” NME also seemed to marvel at the “surprise performance.”

However, we’re a little more skeptical about this whole “surprise serenade in front of Buckingham Palace” thing. Watching all of the various clips of the performance — and there are many which leads us to believe some paps were tipped beforehand — it’s hard not to feel that this was an entirely staged and pre-planned publicity stunt, where Justin was serenading the paparazzi, press and cell phone-holding fans as much or more than he was serenading Hailey.

And Hailey? Heck, she was as much in a content-producer’s role as Justin, given that her own video clips of the serenade have became widely shared on social media. And it’s a little hard to swallow that she was incredibly “surprised” that Justin was going to do some sort of performance – presumably she did see her fiance lugging his guitar case around the Mall with him prior to the “impromptu gig”?

If we’re right, this occasion would certainly not be the first — or even first recent — time Justin has been accused of deliberately choreographing publicity with his quirky fashion sense, frequent displays of PDA and sometimes direct interactions with photographers and reporters looking for a good story. It’s just that, this time, with the super-public location, the hoard of paps, and the walking police escort that he and Hailey received after Justin was done performing, things seemed even more staged than usual …

We have some clips of Justin’s “surprise serenade” below.

(Image source: Youtube)


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