Justin Bieber Sighted Yesterday and Today at Christian Music Festival in Michigan

After some promotional work in New York and New Jersey on Friday, Justin Bieber headed to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he has been spotted by numerous fans and local news outlets.  According to articles appearing on the Michigan Live website, Justin was in town to attend the CityFest West festival, a two day event featuring Christian music.

The CitiFest West weekend is being run by Justin’s friends, Andrew and Luis Palau. Some of the featured acts at the event included Lecrae, Danny Gokey and The Afters. Justin was not scheduled to perform, and could be seen sitting in the audience watching various performances with a hood pulled tightly over his head. Justin was also reportedly seen hanging out backstage with several of the performing artists.

Outside of the performances, themselves, Justin did not seem to mind openly mingling with fans, taking pictures and chatting freely. Some fan pictures and videos show him walking around town with future father-in-law, Stephen Baldwin, who besides being an actor is also a registered minister and Christian radio host.  It is not clear if Stephen was in some way involved in the event, or just in town to enjoy performances like Justin.

We have a large number of fan pics of Justin out and about Grand Rapids, below.

(Image source: Mojo in the Morning Twitter account)


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