Justin Bieber Sings ‘You Are So Beautiful’ In Majestic New Video — Message To Selena Gomez?

Did Justin Bieber just sing about his true feelings for Selena Gomez? Watch him croon ‘You Are So Beautiful’ on his Instagram story.

Justin Bieber, 24, took to his Instagram story to sing one of the most romantic songs ever, and some fans think it’s all about his ex Selena Gomez, 25. While he was sitting in his car, Justin started crooning Billy Preston‘s “You Are So Beautiful” and considering the fact it’s Justin Bieber, this impromptu performance deserves a Grammy. In the video, you can faintly see cows in the foggy background while a pair of boxing gloves rest in the front seat of his car. Based on the fact Justin seems to focus on the cows, many felt that he was singing directly to them, which probably makes these bovines the luckiest cows on the face of the planet. Listen to Justin singing sweetly in his Instagram story below!

While it’s unclear if Justin’s Instagram live performance is about Selena, these two exes have still been thinking about each other. We reported earlier how although Justin and Selena have split, she’s still got him on her mind. “Selena still cares for Justin very deeply,” a source close to Selena told HollywoodLife. “He will always be her first real love, and she thinks about him all the time.”

Meanwhile, Justin is apparently loving Selena’s new haircut. “Justin hasn’t seen Selena in person since she did her latest chop, but he has seen the pictures and he think she looks totally sexy. He’s a big fan of the bangs,” a friend of Justin’s told us.

We’ll keep you posted on any other potential messages Justin sends to Selena. Time will tell whether or not these exes will eventually get back together and try to make it work once again.

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