Justin Bieber Thinks Selena Gomez ‘Look Totally Sexy’ With Bangs

The ‘Sorry’ hitmaker reportedly keeps ‘his eye on her and what she’s doing’ despite taking a break following their brief reunion.

Fans are definitely not the only ones loving Selena Gomez‘s new hair look. The former Disney darling’s alleged ex-boyfriend is said to be loving her new chin-lenght bob with eyebrow-grazing bangs as much as others do.

A friend of the Canadian heartthrob tells HollywoodLife.com, “Justin hasn’t seen Selena in person since she did her latest chop but he has seen the pictures and he think she looks totally sexy, he’s a big fan of the bangs.”

The friend goes on saying that even though they’re not together at this moment, “that hasn’t stopped him [Justin] from keeping his eye on her and what she’s doing.” The friend also adds, “No matter what he’ll always have love and respect for her.”

The on-and-off couple took a break last month, allegedly because of Selena’s mom who is againts her reuniting with the Biebz. During the break, Justin was spotted spending time with model Baskin Champion, though a source claimed that Selena has always been in his mind.

Following her break from the “Despacito” hitmaker, Selena has been experimenting with her hair. She debuted the new bob haircut last week. Makeup artist Hung Vanggo posted some pictures of the 25-year-old singer/actress rocking the new hairlook while sporting some funny facial expressions.

Prior to that, Selena rocked her boldest hairstyle yet, a buzzed, half-shaved undercut. “Selena’s decision to buzz the back of her hair was very last minute and impulsive. Ever since the last break from Justin [Bieber] she has been going back and forth in her head about whether she should get back with him again or not,” a source claimed.

“And, at times she’s felt powerless to control her mind over her emotions, but her hair is something Selena does have control over. And, it felt really empowering to undergo such an edgy change,” the source added.

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