Justin Timberlake's Manager Tells Janet Jackson She Needs To Forgive & Forget – Really, Dude?!

Justin Timberlake probably could have done just fine without his manager wading into his business like this…

And we’re pretty sure that very same manager is the last person Janet Jackson wanted to see pop up on her Instagram page last week!

So, this story is kind of wild — and it’s definitely been slow to develop.

It all started over a week ago, back on the final Sunday in March, when the 54-year-old pop music queen posted a positive message to her IG account in the hopes of inspiring some of her followers:


A post shared by Janet Jackson (@janetjackson)

Seems innocent enough, right?!

Well, Johnny Wright — Timberlake’s longtime manager, and Jackson’s one-time former manager — took issue with that message and decided to throw it back in the pop star’s face!

Evidently referencing the infamous 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction in which both JT and Janet were infamously involved, Wright wrote in the comments section of Jackson’s post (below):

“You should take this advice and to apply it to your relationship with Justin.”

Obviously he’s saying she needs to forgive and forget when it comes to Justin. Umm…. seriously?! WTF?? Never mind that it’s not Janet but Justin who needs to own his s**t regarding their relationship — but who is Wright to tell Jackson off publicly like that?!

The comment sat for a few days relatively unnoticed, but nothing that spicy stays dormant forever! Eventually, eagle-eyed fans and pop music followers began to realize just how ridiculous and jaw-dropping the comment really was (below):


A post shared by Pop Faction (@popfaction)



Now for the Memphis-born former boy band star’s part, it sounds like Wright’s little IG comment was made without any prior knowledge. A source close to the singer told Page Six that Timberlake was “completely unaware” of Wright’s social media comment presumably regarding the Super Bowl scandal, claiming (below):

“Justin was not aware of his comment to her. Johnny did this all on his own.”

Not a good look!

And seriously, this is now 17 years after the infamous 2004 wardrobe snafu at the world’s biggest football game… like, get past it, dude! JT didn’t even bear the brunt of the consequences for that one! Janet did!!!

As you will no doubt recall, this entire controversy stems from this infamous 2004 moment (below):


Only Wright needs to settle down calling Janet out 17 years later on it! Just saying!

While JT claims he had no idea… we find it inneresting that all this comes so soon after Timberlake himself officially apologized to both Jackson and ex-girlfriend Britney Spears for prior times of strife in their lives.

As you’ll recall, Timberlake’s public apology included this statement (below):

“ for the times in my life where my actions contributed to the problem, where I spoke out of turn, or did not speak up for what was right. I understand that I fell short in these moments and in many others and benefited from a system that condones misogyny and racism.”

And from that to, well, this. Almost feels like an, “I apologized, now you have to forgive me” kind of attitude. Again, NOT A GOOD LOOK! What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Wright is totally outta pocket with this one! Isn’t he?? And is it just him??

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)!

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