Kailyn Lowry Flips Off Teen Mom 2 Bosses: I Don’t Care If You Fire Me!

As we’ve reported previously, Teen Mom 2 ratings have been on the decline for years.

Some viewership erosion is natural with any series that’s been on the air for a decade, but the long-running MTV series has problems that go well beyond its age.

One common complaint among viewers is that the cast has too much input with regard to what sort of scenes and storylines make it to air.

And that’s how we end up with entire episodes about home remodeling projects when there are lawsuits and arrests and all sorts of crazy drama taking place just off camera.

The worst culprit in terms of controlling her own narrative seems to be Kailyn Lowry.

The storyline about Kail picking out tiles for her new kitchen was a shark jump moment that seems to have led many former TM2 fans to change the channel for good.

Seemingly at Lowry’s insistence, the show focused on the construction of her new house, which understandably bored many viewers to tears.

Lowry had all sorts of interesting things going on in her life in those days, having recently been arrested for assaulting Chris Lopez.

Kail later filed a lawsuit against Briana DeJesus for mentioning the arrest on social media.

Lowry’s suit was thrown out of court, and Bri has been taunting her rival on social media ever since.

In other words, Kail has a lot going on in her life, pretty much at all times.

So it makes sense that viewers would feel frustrated with producers’ decision to only show the flattering aspects on TM2.

A new preview clip from the show sheds some light on why they made that decision.

In the footage, Kail is apparently upset with her Teen Mom 2 bosses who have asked her to share some details of her personal life … on a show that’s literally about the details of her personal life.

“Where’s Leah [Messer] talking about [her baby dads] Corey [Simms] and Jeremy [Calvert]?” Kail asks.

“I don’t want to give you the stuff that I’m doing when I’m not respected in the same way as them.” 

Realizing that she’s going off on the people who made her famous, Lowry has a brief moment of self-awareness.

“MTV’s going to fire me after this,” she says. 

“I do think we’ve watched Leah and the guy thing evolve,” executive producer Larry Musnik fires back.

“I know you brought that up earlier. Where are Jeremy and Corey?”

“Y’all don’t hound anybody about their baby dads the way that y’all talk to me about mine, pressure me to talk about mine,” Kail replies. “No. Hell no.” 

“You’ve got four boys, three dads and a lot of moving pieces on how to move that life,” Musnik points out.

When one producer asks if Lowry speaks about her personal life on her podcasts (where she’s in full control of the narrative), Kail gives a rather snippy reply:

“Yeah. I make more money podcasting than I do on ‘Teen Mom,’” Kail says.

“I’m proud of all your success, but don’t forget this show made it possible,” Musnik replies, prompting Kail to shoot him a middle finger.

Not the most professional response!

Not surprisingly, Kail’s longtime rival Bri seized this opportunity to have a laugh at Kail’s expense.

“Boooo! Get TF off the show then,” she wrote on Instagram when the clip went public.

And it seems that Bri’s complaint reflected the consensus opinion of the show’s fans:

“Oh Kail dont forget were you came from…” one person wrote, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“All she does is complain… if she’s doesn’t like it why come back to film if you make more money doing your podcast,” a second person wrote.

“Kail needs to go on! She’s turning into a Farrah!” a third chimed in.

“Like if you don’t like being questioned then don’t be on the show. She treats MTV like ass! Girl bye & they should give that finger back to her.”

Commenters sometimes pile on Kail for no reason, but in this case, they might have a point.

If she no longer feels comfortable sharing details about her life on camera, then it might be time to step aside and let someone else hop aboard the Teen Mom gravy train!

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