Kailyn Lowry Trashes Critics of Fourth Pregnancy: Mind Your Friggen Business!

Even Kailyn Lowry’s harshest critics should keep one thing in mind: at least she’s better that Jenelle Evans.

But she is still getting bombarded with questions about her fourth pregnancy, And folks, Kail has had enough.

Taking to TikTok as she has before, Kailyn Lowry is using social media to express her deep frustrations with fan questions.

“Why 4 kids?” one quoted fan question asks.

Another question pops up, reading: “Do you know what birth control is?”

The first could be read as innocuous but blunt. The second is a confrontational question.

“Are you gonna try for a girl?” another question reads.

Notably, Kail has sort of addressed this, saying that she would do gender selection for baby #5.

Another asks: “Do you want [any more]?”

That seems to be up in the air, given Kail’s current life situation and relationship status.

“Aren’t you tired?” another fan asks.

We can only assume that the answer to this question is yes.

“Will you have another baby dad?” reads another commonly asked fan question.

So many questions, and so little tact.

“I don’t know,” Kail repeatedly mouths as the music plays in the TikTok video.

The music is incorrectly listed on TikTok as “original sound.”

The song is actually “Steppin'” by Supa Dupa Humble Feat. Mills Supreme.

If you don’t recognize music yourself, you can always check to make sure that you’re giving credit where credit is due.

Then comes Kailyn’s reply to the constant life-choices-shaming and mom-shaming that she receives.

“I don’t ask y’all to babysit,” Kail points out.

“So,” she demands, “mind your business.”

It’s true that Kailyn is a public figure, but there are lines that should not be crossed, right?

First of all, whether Kailyn does or does not opt to build a tiny human being in her uterus and then yeet it out is entirely up to her.

Her body, her choice extends to having kids just as much as it extends to not having kids.

While some fan questions are to be expected, people need to keep in mind that it’s not up to them.

It’s not up to fans, it’s not up to her existing baby daddies. It’s Kail’s call.

That doesn’t mean that fans can’t ask questions, of course.

Some of the more well-meaing queries have seemed to revolve around Kail’s choice in baby daddy.

Chris Lopez is, to put it bluntly, not a good dude.

Fans hate to see Kail further cement her ties to this man, and they feel that her future child deserves a better father.

But even the most well-meaning questions and suggestions in the world aren’t likely to do much.

Kail has made it extremely clear that she is not going to change her entire life to please fans.

That means that harassing her will not accomplish anything other than add to her stress.

Do we need to be piling onto a pregnant woman’s mentions with harsh words? Probably not.

If you have a bone to pick with Kailyn, you could talk with other fans about her alarming anti-vaxx stance.

While her first two children were lucky enough to get proper medical care, Lux has not been so lucky.

We can only hope that she will come around and follow the advice of doctors.

Lux and Baby #4 shouldn’t have to wait until they’re teens and can sneak off to a clinic for vaccinations, as some teens have done.

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