Kaitlyn Dever Dishes on Music, Clothes & More in ‘Alexa’ Magazine

Kaitlyn Dever takes over the cover of Alexa magazine, where she opens up about her new Netflix series, music and more.

Here’s what the 22-year-old actress shared:

On working with Toni Colette: “Toni Collette, man … she’s the reason I started acting. The first scary movie my parents let me watch was ‘The Sixth Sense,’ and her performance in that was just shocking to me. She was so real…I was kind of embarrassed [to tell her], but people were like, ‘You need to tell her!’ I think she was very touched. That was really a cool thing, to get to tell her that.”

On sharing her music with the world: “My hands would be shaking, I’d be sick to my stomach, and I realized, oh, it’s because I’m just reciting my diary to a group of people. I want to do it every day. We have a lot of really good songs, and we just recorded a single.”

On playing Marie in Unbelievable: “Getting to play Marie was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my career. It’s part of why I want to be an actor, getting to tell stories that have been buried or that nobody knew about before.”

You can get a sneak peek of Kaitlyn‘s upcoming drama series here.

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