Kanye West & Saint Surprise Kim Kardashian With Video Message At CFDA Awards

The rapper paid a sweet tribute to his wife on the night she was honored by the fashion industry and it was adorable.

Kanye West, 40, wasn’t on hand to walk the red carpet with Kim Kardashian on the night she was honored by the CFDA Awards. But the rapper was thoughtful enough to record a sweet video message for the 37-year-old with the help of their 2-year-old son Saint. In a surprise pre-recorded clip, Kanye cuddled the toddler, as he said, “We’re doing this video for the most influential person on the planet. Want to say hi?” The rapper was just one of many who paid tribute to Kim as she was given the CFDA’s first Influencer Award on June 4. Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger gushed about the reality TV star and beauty mogul, saying in his video message, “She has redefined what it is to be a businesswoman.” Meanwhile Kim’s baby sister Kendall Jenner, 22, praised her sibling by saying that she helped to establish a “body type in fashion that is not only accepted but is desired.”

As for Kim, when she took the stage at the event in Brooklyn, New York she joked about her love of being nude. She said, “I’m kind of shocked that I’m winning a fashion award when I’m naked most of the time.” She then revealed how she got her revenge on a former publicist who laughed off her goal of wanting to be on the cover of a fashion magazine. She said, “It was maybe seven years ago when… I had a publicist and she asked what was [sic] my goals, what were my dreams? And I said, ‘I just want to be on the cover of a fashion magazine.’ And she said to me, ‘Let’s get some realistic goals because that would never happen.’” As we all know it did happen, in 2014, when Kim appeared on US Vogue’s cover with Kanye. Kim clapped back at her former employee in the perfect way – by sending her an autographed copy of the issue.

Kim’s speech comes less than a month after it was announced that she would receive the top honor. On May 9, CFDA chairwoman and fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg explained the decision by saying in a press release, “Over the past decade, Kim Kardashian West has mastered the meaning of influence in the digital age.” Tommy Hilfiger – who is on the CFDA’s board – also praised the decision. He added, “Kim is the most important and powerful influencer in the world. Her reach extends far beyond her own brands.” It’s true that Kim (who has 112 million Instagram followers) has devoted fans clamoring to buy makeup from her KKW Beauty line and to spritz scents from her KKW Fragrance range. But that doesn’t mean that all fashion insiders are thrilled that she has been given the Influencer Award, especially as she’s well known to favor the barely-there see-through outfits when she’s in public. “It’s ridiculous,” a fashion industry insider reportedly told Page Six. “I’m just completely baffled. What is she influencing? People to have a very false sense of beauty and body?”

Fashion publicist and former America’s Top Model judge Kelly Cutrone also slammed the decision to the publication, saying, “I’ve never woken up in the morning and wondered, ‘What is Kim Kardashian doing today, and how is that going to affect my industry?’”Whoa! But Kim brushed off the comments even before she took to the stage. The morning before the June 4 CFDA Awards ceremony she tweeted that she was “honored” to receive the tribute. And, as we can see from her speech, she has zero time for her haters.

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