Kanye West Shows Up Uninvited to Skechers Headquarters in Wake of Adidas Fallout

Kanye West is making a quick move to find a new home for his Yeezy shoes … hitting Skechers headquarters to talk with the company’s honchos, but immediately got turned away.

Sources familiar with Ye’s visit tell us he was at the company’s main office Wednesday morning in Manhattan Beach, CA … but this was not a scheduled meeting with management.

Adidas Ends Kanye West, Yeezy Partnership

Skechers says, Ye “arrived unannounced and without invitation at one of Skechers’ corporate offices in Los Angeles. Considering Ye was engaged in unauthorized filming, two Skechers executives escorted him and his party from the building after a brief conversation.”

Now, we don’t know if Kanye did his research or not, but Skechers is owned and operated by a Jewish family — Robert Greenberg founded it, and his son Michael is currently the President. Considering his rampant anti-Semitism, you could say he barked up the wrong tree.

A spokesperson tells us, “Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West. We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech. Again, West showed up unannounced and uninvited to Skechers corporate offices.”

We’re guessing Kanye’s goal was for Skechers to be his new partner for the Yeezy shoe brand — working both as a manufacturer and distributor, as Adidas did before it dropped him this week. Well, he struck out.

Still, Kanye was also spotted in good spirits at a local bagel shop before his meeting — his smile certainly doesn’t look like that of a man out $900 million — a figure reported by Forbes.

As we reported, Kanye’s anti-Semitic comments were the final straw for several business and professional relationships for Kanye — including Balenciaga, his legal team and of course, Adidas who have all dropped him in the last few weeks.

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