Karol G Admits Career Gets in the Way of Her Dream in ‘Having a Family’ in Her 20’s

When promoting the release of her newest album ‘KG0516’, the ‘Ay, DiOs Mio!’ singer candidly talks about how she felt when her friends Nicki Minaj and Natti Natasha started their own families.

AceShowbizKarol G has opened up more about her dream of “having a family” in her 20’s to the public. When promoting the release of the new album “KG0516”, the “Ay, DiOs Mio!” singer candidly admitted that she believed her career got in the way of her becoming a mother per her original plan.

When speaking to ET’s Denny Directo, the 30-year-old singer first revealed how she felt when her friends and collaborators Nicki Minaj and Natti Natasha started their own families. Claiming to be both “sad and happy,” she spilled, “One of my dreams when I was a child was to have a baby like in my 20’s.”

On the subject of starting her family, the Latin trap artist, whose real name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro, insisted, “I want to have a family, I want to have kids.” She went on to explain why she was not able to do so. “[In] my career it’s kind of hard to have that time, that special time,” she frankly pointed out.

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Karol further claimed that when she gets pregnant, she wants to take care of her children herself. “I really want to have my time with my babies, not put people to take care of them, just do it by myself,” she stated. “And just go away, do everything and just enjoy my family. But let’s see what the future brings me. I know I’m gonna be a good mom. A cool mom.”

On Nicki and Natti becoming a mother before her, the ex-girlfriend of Anuel AA said, “But I’m happy because, you asked me about Nicki and you asked me about Natti.” She added, “With Natti, I was super surprised because of her story. Her pregnancy was hard and she was working for it for a lot of years.”

Weighing more on Natti’s pregnancy journey, Karol continued, “I’m very emotional about it, yes, because it’s one of my dreams and I can see it right now, like, very close to me. So I’m very happy for them and I’m very happy for Nicki and I love babies.” She positively concluded, “I’m gonna be very happy for mine.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the “A Ella” singer also talked about exploring another area outside of music. On this subject, she pointed out, “And, as a business girl, I want to experiment new things in different ways not just in music. This last year, we have been in different meetings to evolve in different ways. So let’s see what’s going to happen… I’m 30, I know I’m old! But I have like 20 years to explore these things.”

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