Kate Mara Reveals The Most Romantic Thing Husband Jamie Bell Has Ever Done For Her

Kate Mara has opened up about her marriage to Jamie Bell.

The 37-year-old A Teacher actress made an appearance on The Tonight Show this week where she made a rare comment about their 2017 wedding.

“He dances every day,” Kate told host Jimmy Fallon about Jamie, who starred in Billy Elliot as a child. “But now that there’s kids, he dances like a dad. I’ll be doing my lesson and he’ll dance by the screen in the background. You would never know he was Billy Elliot. If he was gonna do something it would have to be months of preparation.”

Kate added that there was once months of preparation for their wedding dance, but just a week before the event, Jamie scrapped it.

“For our wedding, for example, the most romantic thing he’s ever done for me so far, was for our wedding dance,” she shared. “I wanted to learn a swing dance with him because I love swing dancing. It took a lot of convincing because he hates dance lessons.”

“We spent about 4 weeks doing this swing dancing lesson and learning this whole dance and then literally the week before the wedding he was pacing around the room and I said, ‘What’s the matter,’ and he was like, ‘The choreography is just not good enough. We’ve got to scrap the dance.’” Kate added. “We didn’t do it for the wedding. We ended up slow dancing to our favorite Mexican song.”

The couple met on the set of Fantastic Four and married a year after the film’s premiere. They share a one-year-old daughter, and Jamie is also dad to a son, Jack, who he shares with ex, Evan Rachel Wood.

Kate‘s new FX series, A Teacher, will premiere on November 10. See the trailer here!

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