Kate Middleton might have to ditch some clothing ‘not appropriate’ for future Queen

The Princess of Wales might have to ditch her current style for her role as the next Queen Consort, a fashion expert has claimed.

Miranda Holder, a fashion coach who is known for her viral TikTok style videos, explained that as Kate draws closer to her role as the future monarch, “it is likely that we will see her wardrobe become more formal and appropriate for her position".

She says: "Her immaculate outfits will no doubt remain stylish enough to enthral her loyal fashion-loving fans,” adding that her image will continue to evolve "to reflect this new phase in her royal life” she added.

The stylist explained that throughout the years "we have witnessed Kate’s fresh-faced girl next door appeal morph into a sophisticated and elegant style sensation treading the tricky line between royalty and celebrity in her favourite nude toned court shoes with panache".

Kate Middleton’s love affair with polka dots — see all the times she’s worn the print

However, now that Kate’s role has changed further "we can expect her fashion to follow suit," Miranda said.

Not only will Kate sport a more formal attire but also ditch a few accessories, the expert revealed.

As with all of the Royal Family, Kate must adhere to "royal restrictions" when choosing her day-to-day outfits.

"The more flirtatious fancier accessories such as hatbands will be fully phased out for more imposing hats. And prints such as polka dots" will gradually give way to "more immaculately cut tailoring in Kate’s signature fit and flare style which complements her graceful figure perfectly,” she added.

In June this year, Kate was spotted wearing one of her favourite Polka dot dresses for a Wimbledon outing or the Royal Ascot.

Colour psychologist and director of design at Lick Colour, Tash Bradley, said the Princess of Wales loves polka dot dresses because they are the perfect alternative to balance "elegance and sophistication with the fun and approachable polka dots".

It seems clutch bags will continue to be the Princess of Wales' accessory of choice as they add a touch of glamour to any occasion and are something that always compliments her ensembles.

Miranda previously told Express that there is one way in which the future Queen consort is able to inject a little bit of "fun" into her outfits.

Miranda explained that despite royal protocol discouraging female members of the firm from showing off their cleavage, Kate has been known to experiment with the necklines of many of her garments.

“That's where you will see lots of things going on and many of the evening gowns are sort of off the shoulder or plunging.

"Or [she chooses] lots of different necklines on her dresses and her coats. That's where you see the party happening because she can't really do much elsewhere,” said Miranda.


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