Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Wedding Rumors Circulate, But Couple Isn’t Even Engaged

Headlines scream that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes plan to get married. There’s just one problem with these rumors though — they aren’t even engaged.

According to a Gossip Cop report, Foxx and Holmes have no desire to make their relationship more official. In fact, not every couple desires to walk down the aisle and say “I do.” Holmes may have had enough of the institution during her just under six-year marriage to Tom Cruise. She already had her fiance do an unforgettable Oprah couch jump, and maybe she wants to keep her relationships low-key after that over-the-top drama. As for Foxx, the father of two, Corinne and Annalise, has never taken the plunge, and there’s probably a reason for that.

Despite the relatively apparent signs that a Foxx-Holmes wedding doesn’t appear to be in the cards, OK! loves to create lavish (or not so lavish depending on the article) impending nuptials for the couple. In fact, last year at this time the magazine had the couple planning to tie the knot in October 2017, but the date came and went with no official union between the pair.

Although they’ve been friends and more for years, both Foxx and Holmes keep a pretty tight lid on their relationship. In fact, People reported, they typically leave their dinner dates separately. Hints of their relationship started in 2013 when they danced together in the Hamptons, but even now, five years later, they remain incredibly secretive taking great care to rarely be photographed together in an age where it’s nearly impossible to escape paparazzi in Hollywood.

In fact, this year they’ve been seen together more than in previous years, but the sightings of the couple remain rare. They were at a Pre-Grammy Awards Gala hosted by Clive Davis. Then, on Valentine’s Day they shot some hoops together, and more recently, they had two dinner dates in less than ten days, which looks like a record for them (or perhaps the photographers who caught shots of the nights out).

Holmes focuses on her 12-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, who she retained custody of after her divorce from Tom Cruise, and ultimately, her daughter is her top priority.

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