Katie Holmes Was Not Banned From The Met Gala By Tom Cruise [Debunked]

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise got divorced a long time ago, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors about them from flying around.

A recent report by OK! Australia suggested that sometime actress Katie Holmes — whose career took a bit of a downturn after her divorce from Tom Cruise, but who is currently enjoying a bit of a career resurgence — was banned from the Met Gala this year by her powerful ex-husband. The report said that Holmes, who converted to Scientology when she married Cruise but has subsequently left the religion, was banned from going because of her ex-husband’s devotion to the L. Ron Hubbard-founded religion.

This was an agreement that Holmes entered into with Tom Cruise back in 2012 when they had a so-called “quickie divorce” with the Mission: Impossible actor. A so-called “insider” claims in the story, “Katie wanted out of the marriage so badly, she agreed to the terms.”

There’s just one problem: according to Gossip Cop, the latest gossip chapter in the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes saga is simply not true.

It’s possible that there was a clause in their divorce agreement that prevents Holmes from “publicly supporting any religion” except Scientology, but she hasn’t pledged any sort of allegiance to the church in years.

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In fact, according to the outlet, Holmes has actually publicly supported, if not the Catholic church in which she was raised, at least the Christian religion.

She went on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2016 and talked about her favorite Christmas song, as well as shared the tap-dance she did in a Christmas show when she was a child.

She also went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that same year to talk about her favorite Christmas traditions.

In the past, Katie Holmes talked extensively about the “Christmas lists” that her daughter, Suri Cruise, had made out over the years. Suri, of course, is the daughter that Holmes shares with Tom Cruise, and is the couple’s only biological daughter.

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Tom Cruise shares two adopted children with his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman.

So even though Katie Holmes — who is currently, allegedly, in a relationship with Jamie Foxx, though the couple has never confirmed or denied their relationship status — and Tom Cruise are no longer together, they are not that involved in each other’s lives.

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