Katie Price Was Arrested On Suspicion Of Drunk Driving After Crashing Her Pink Range Rover

Note: That is Katie Price’s actual mug shot and not a sloppily made mess created by me.

It’s been almost 9 months since I’ve written about Katie Price, and I was hoping that the next time I wrote about her it would be to slow clap for THE QUEEN for doing the right thing by relinquishing the throne to Katie, making her the true Queen of England and Harvey Price a prince. But the only title Katie Price got last night was the Queen of Messy when she crashed her pink Range Rover in an alleged drunken haze after getting into a fight with her current boy toy and showing up at her ex-boy toy’s birthday party. Harvey, come get your mom! Actually, don’t, you don’t need to be around that sad scene right now.

The Daily Mail says that 40-year-old Katie began guzzling down the sweet nectar with her 25-year-old boyfriend Alex Adderson on Saturday. The Mail claims Katie was on a “five day bender” before having a fight with Alex. That fight supposedly led her to drive her pink Range Rover alone to the 30th birthday party of her ex, Kris Boyson, at a restaurant in the town of Bexleyheath. One witness said that she looked a mess:

“The next thing Katie’s there, I’m not exactly sure why… She looked a bit worse for wear – I think she just turned up as everyone was quite shocked. Kris got up and welcomed her after the shock; I have met her before so she was OK with me. Kris and her walked off for a chat so we left them to it.”

Katie ended up leaving alone at around 1:30 this morning. The Sun says that 30 minutes later, Katie crashed her Range Rover into a bush in Woolwich, South East London. The police later rolled up on the crashed pink Range Rover and it probably looked like a scene straight out of Lifetime’s How The Mighty Have Fallen: The Barbie Story.

Katie was found inside and was asked to take a breathalyzer. She was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and taken to the police station. Kris was seen at the police station this morning. She was later released. Scotland Yard will investigate and decide whether or not to charge her.

To add even more layers of messiness to this already messy situation, Katie has been in a 28-day rehab program for PTSD issues, but was on a “break” from it. Also, last February, Katie was banned from driving for six months for speeding. She was caught in July breaking that ban.

Katie has 5 kids and I’d probably be swallowing an entire liquor store if I had 5 kids, but it seems like Katie has issues with the bottle, so she’s probably going to go back to rehab, which seems like a good idea. Because Katie does not need to be drunkenly driving to see her ex piece after fighting with her current ex piece. Us responsible messes at least take a Lyft to have drunken revenge sex with our ex.

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