Katie Price’s devastated ex Kris Boyson opens up about engagement plans

Katie Price devastated ex has revealed he was so in love he had an engagement ring made for her.

But his dreams of marriage to the TV personality were shattered when he discovered she was dating another man behind his back.

Kris Boyson says he’s so devastated a pal has had to move into his home to keep an eye on him after he suffered a panic attack in the wake of the split.

“I was in love with the girl and up until last week she was down for getting married,” Kris told me in an exclusive interview.

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“I’ve been ill over this and lost a stone. I have never stressed so much, and she knows that. It’s proper broken me.

"My friend is staying because I keep seeing pictures of her with this new guy. I have a lot of anxiety over it.”

Kris spilled out his heartbreak in his modest three-bed semi in Kent – a world away from the four months he spent with Katie, 40.

Their romance was filled with jaunts to Thailand, Bruges and ­Scotland and there was talk of Kris moving into her West Sussex mansion.

Budding reality star Kris, 29, got his break in Holly Willoughby’s ITV dating show Meet The Parents and E4’s Five Star Hotel – and has been accused of only hooking up with Katie for her fame and fortune.

But Kris insisted he wasn’t at all interested in her showbiz life – and Katie’s mum even described him as “the perfect partner”.

“Everyone got it wrong. They thought I was someone I wasn’t,” Kris told me. “I stopped my whole life for her. When we met she was in pieces and I put her back together. Now she does this.”

Mum-of-five Katie’s latest break-up comes amid a battle against ­bankruptcy, a confession she’s used cocaine to numb the pain of her third divorce and a child custody battle with first husband Peter Andre.

She even missed her ­children’s first day of the new school term as she partied with latest fling Alex Adderson, 25, in Majorca.

But Kris claimed that, despite approaching bankruptcy, Katie still spoils her children – Harvey, 16, Junior, 13, Princess,11, Jett, 5, and Bunny, 4 – as often as she can with expensive gifts.

“She always wanted to pay,” he explained. “She hates people buying her stuff. We had full-on rows because I have wanted to buy her a present.

"She didn’t want anything paid for. She would spend hours in toy shops every week spending hundreds.

“Bunny would get prams and Jet would get Nerf guns. She would spoil the kids.” So what made a modest man like Kris – who has a successful career as a fitness instructor – fall for such a full-on, self-publicising reality TV star?

“I thought I would be judged, but I liked her too much,” he explained.

“I couldn’t ignore how I felt. I don’t want to be in the media. I fell in love with a girl after spending time with her. That’s the thing – there was no game plan. I just fell for her hard. I want people to know that.”

After they were introduced by mutual friends in May, Kris took Katie away for her 40th birthday later that month.

“I didn’t know what she was about before I got to know her,” he said.

“I thought she only had three kids. I didn’t follow her life. I wasn’t a fan. But we just got on.

“We would have lots of banter. She used to call me ‘Ginger’ because she knew it wound me up, and I would say she’s old enough to be my nan.

“We would have a right laugh. That’s how we got so close. From then on, it went from one thing to another. I took her to Bruges for her 40th and that’s when it became official.

“From then on we would talk about getting married and having kids. We would talk about it all the time.

“She always said she wanted the fairytale ending and she wanted to live happily ever after.

“She always used to say, ‘So we are going to get married one day, yeah?’

“And I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s why I’m in this relationship’. I’m serious and I’m fully committed. It’s tough because I was set on that.” Kris was so convinced Katie was The One he was getting an engagement ring made.

“Katie said she had never been engaged properly. It had all been for TV, so I wanted to surprise her and propose to her,” he said. “One of my mates is a jeweller in Hatton Garden and he was doing the ring.

“I was ready to go and speak to her dad and ask for his permission. I think deep down she knew I was getting an engagement ring made.”

But the cracks started to show three weeks ago when Katie began having wild nights out without Kris. “She was going out all night and not messaging me until she got home at 2am. I started to think something was up.”

On August 22, Katie was pictured holding hands with wealthy Essex businessman Alex.

Kris said: “That day she was apologising and begging me to take her back. She wanted me to give her another chance and said she had just had dinner with him.

“So I said, ‘You know what? I will give you another chance’.”

The two then enjoyed a holiday in Scotland where Kris told Katie exactly how he felt. “I said, ‘Look, do you want to make this relationship work? Because I am fully committed. If you do, I will forget everything and we can move on. If you don’t, I will go home now and you can move on with him.’

“Then she told me, ‘I am here, trust me, I want to marry you, I want to have kids with you’. So I had to take her word for it.”

Kris says he even joked he would “stop making that engagement ring?”, but that Katie insisted, ‘No, we are still getting married. You are the one for me, you are perfect.’”

But just 48 hours after that, Katie was back in the arms of Alex on holiday in Marbella.

Kris says: “As soon as we got back things weren’t right. We flew back on the Tuesday together and she said, ‘Love you loads’.

“I said, ‘Love you too and I will speak to you later’.

“And I didn’t speak to her until midnight that night. And then the next day she flew out to Marbella for a hen do and I knew he was out there all along. Two days later I text her saying, ‘I’m in love with you, I want to have kids with you, we’ve got so many plans ahead’.

“But she never responded. That’s the last time I messaged her. I was willing to take on her kids and I would have adopted Harvey. I wanted to settle down and have kids but she wanted the party life. That is the reality of it.”

Now Kris thinks Katie’s erratic behaviour is a sign her life is taking a more sinister turn.

He said: “When I see her now I feel for her, she is clearly not well. She isn’t in a right head space. I just feel like something is not right and she is struggling with something.”

Kris now believes Katie – with broken marriages to Peter Andre, Alex Reid and Kieran Hayler behind her – is too interested in partying to ever settle down again.

“The reality was we drifted apart because I was stopping her drinking,” he said. “I was making sure the kids were put first, and that she came across well.

“She wasn’t out of control around the kids, but when she has a drink she goes all out. Most nights we would sit in and watch films. But there was a certain side to her – the party side that wasn’t being fulfilled. But if they are saying you are going to lose your kids, just rein it in.”

Despite the pain Katie has caused him, Kris still worries about her.

“I will always be there and I am willing to be there and help her,” he said. “I promised her I always would.”

Does he think she can ever be faithful? “Maybe if the person she was with was offering her exactly what she wants then yes she could,” he said. “But with me she sure as hell wasn’t”.

* Kris has asked that the fee for this interview goes to a charity connected to Katie’s son, Harvey.

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