Katie Price’s seduction technique – tissues, trashed hotel room and 1/10 sex

Charles Drury has lifted the lid on what it's really like to be seduced by Katie Price .

The builder, 22, had a whirlwind romance with the former glamour model, 41, until she pied him off to return to the arms of her ex Kris Boyson.

Now the hunk has done a scathing expose on their first date when he sensationally claims they binged on drugs.

Charles set the scene as he described the hotel room as a "mess" with "snotty tissues" strewn all over the place.

The construction worker claimed Katie had caused the chaos after a sleepless night.

He told The Sun : "She was still wide awake the morning after. The hotel was a mess, so whatever she was up to in the night, I was sleeping through.

"I had to have a cleaning spree of all the snotty tissues that were lying around the room."

Also Charles savagely rated Katie in bed after they got steamy between the sheets on their first date.

He told the publication: "I can't say zero, can I? I'd give her a one out of ten. She was a bit lazy, but then suddenly she would surprise you and jump on top."

Romance blossomed between Katie and Charles when they jetted off to Turkey together, with three of her children in tow.

Katie dumped her fiancé over text message to pursue her connection with the builder.

However, their love story soon come crashing down after Katie was pictured leaving her ex Kris' home.

Katie and Kris have now got back together.

Katie previously admitted to taking cocaine weekly for six months as she struggled to cope with her mum's terminal illness and ex husband Kieran's cheating.

She had checked into rehab where she was treated for trauma and depression.

A spokesperson for Katie Price said: "There is no truth in the allegation that she is taking drugs every day and has made significant steps to being drug free – there have been lapses in the past but they are just that, not a regular event. Katie is still in recovery and making progress."

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