Katy Perry & Her Adorable Pooch Are Top Dog In ‘Small Talk’ Video — Watch

After having a relationship go sour, Katy Perry has gone to the dogs! At least, she does in the official video for ‘Small Talk,’ which features her pooch, Nugget, and a serious case of ‘puppy love.’

It’s always awkward when a relationship ends…and you still have to see that person in your day-to-day life. Katy Perry, 34, tackled this all-too-relatable part of a breakup in her new song, “Small Talk,” and she finally dropped its official music video. In the clip, released on Aug. 30, Katy takes her poodle to the Mutt Ball, a competition that features dogs and their look-alike owners. After Katy and Nugget take the top prize, in walks a handsome man who seems ready to steal Katy away from her precious pup! Oh no! Thankfully, it all works out in the end.

In the lead up to the video’s release, Katy shared some behind-the-scenes moments from her production meetings. These “Making Of” videos first hinted that “Small Talk” would have a canine-theme to it. “I want the Jennifer Aniston of dogs. I want the Brad Pitt of dogs. I want star dogs,” she said in the first clip. “The story you have to tell is how the dog is upset with the humans,” she said in the second teaser. During that clip, one of the video’s planners mentioned Katy’s dog, Nugget, by name. “It’s about the relationship of dog and owner falling apart.”

Relationship-wise, Katy has no reason to make such “small talk.” She and Orlando Bloom, 42, got engaged on Valentine’s Day this year and were recently seen kissing at the red carpet premiere of his new show Amazon series, Carnival Row. Professionally, Katy Perry has been everywhere this year. “365,” collaboration with Zedd, went gold in Canada, while her track, “Never Really Over,” cracked the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Katy Perry released “Small Talk” as a single on Aug. 9, and a week later, she teamed up with Spotify, to release a vertical video for the song. The minimalist clip had Katy pantomiming in front of a giant inflatable pair of gold lips. She wore a blonde bob and a vivid polka dot dress reminiscent of a Wonder Bread bag (which only amplified the humor in the song’s lyrics “Isn’t it wild that I know your weakness? / And everybody at the party thinks / That you’re the best since sliced bread.”) A week after that, on Aug. 22, Katy and her band (wearing matching black and white outfits) performed the new bop inside a “medium-sized” bathroom.

The “Potty Jams” session was so good, it left fans like Demi Lovato raving. “Wait..can you make this a regular thing cause you sound FIRE and it’s just a dope idea PERIODT,” she commented on the video.

Though the vertical video had no production values and the “potty jam” was literally “toilet humor,” these stripped-down clips allowed Katy’s innate charisma to shine through. Behind all the fireworks, and roaring visual effects lies Katy —  an adorable, relatable, slightly dorky, sweetheart.

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