Katy Perry Nearly Missed The Met Gala After Old Classic Car She Rode In On Refused To Start

Katy Perry almost missed the biggest fashion night of the year thanks to her car, which nearly ruined her elaborate red carpet arrival. Watch, here!

Katy Perry, 33, nearly didn’t make it to the Met Gala on May 7 because her car wouldn’t start. Well, not her car exactly – the fancy vintage vehicle that was taking her to the event. The American Idol judge stunned photographers and fans when she arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in an open top, 1930s car. There was a reason for that. She couldn’t exactly fit into your run-of-the-mill limo given her extravagant outfit. As we know Katy took the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination theme to heart and arrived dressed as an angel with oversized wings.

The wings, which dwarfed the singer, were all part of her Versace outfit, which included a gold mini dress and thigh high, matching boots. But we almost didn’t get to see her look because her car refused to start, as video footage obtained by TMZ shows. In the clip, a concerned Katy nervously asked, “Is the car working?” As the engine spit and spluttered, she laughed as she told a woman off-camera, “The car is not turning on.”

But finally, several coughs later, the engine eventually kicked in and Katy’s ride started to move and transported the star to the exclusive event. Passersby snapped pictures of the pop star on their cell phones and one person even shouted out at Katy, “Such a babe. So hot.” Clearly somebody up there likes Katy because it certainly looks like she almost didn’t make it to the Met Gala. But, then again, if the car failed her, she could have just flapped those enormous wings and flown to the event. That would have been an even more impressive entrance than the one that transfixed onlookers. Even Katy seemed to be wowed by her outfit, according to the The New York Times, which quoted the singer as saying, “I feel very angelic. Celestial. Ethereal.” We would too if we had wings like that!

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