Keanu Reeves Literally Hasn't Aged in These Set Photos From 'Bill & Ted 3'

Most excellent news: that long-awaited third Bill & Ted movie finally started shooting this week! Ed Solomon, the writer of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, and now Bill & Ted Face the Music, tweeted a pic from the first day on set, quoting one of the series’ catchphrases: “Party on.”

Party: on

Alex Winter, who is reprising the role of William “Bill” S. Preston, Esq., marked the first day on set by sharing a photo in a Wyld Stallions shirt — in case your memory is rusty, that’s the name of Bill and Ted’s rock band. The third film catches up with the characters in their mid-50s, when they are visited by a mysterious stranger from the future who tells them they are destined to save the world with their music, leading to them dusting off their guitars.

Day one. See you on the other side and remember to be excellent 🎸🎸@BillandTed3

Naturally, it wasn’t long before a handful of photos from the set of Bill & Ted Face the Music made their way onto the Internet, getting fans of the original films even more stoked for this next adventure. And perhaps unsurprisingly, the thing that pretty much everyone is talking about is how Keanu Reeves, aka Ted “Theodore” Logan, doesn’t appear to have aged a day since last playing the character in 1991. Photographed on set next to that iconic time-travelling phone booth, Reeves is as fresh-faced as ever, thanks in part to his new clean-shaven look.

keanu reeves & alex winter on the set of bill & ted face the music

Ted might have gone from high school slacker to suburban dad, but Reeves is currently enjoying quite the career resurgence. In addition to the wildly popular John Wick action franchise, he’s recently taken roles in Pixar’s animated family flick Toy Story 4 and Netflix’s rom-com Always Be My Maybe, and it turns out there’s even the possibility of a Marvel movie on the horizon.

And now with Bill & Ted Face the Music, he is revisiting the character which helped launch him to stardom; a nice pit-stop on the continuing excellent adventure that is Keanu Reeves’ career.

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