Keira Knightley Blasts Kate Middleton for Showing ‘Unrealistic’ Post-Baby Appearance

Kate Middleton, whose appearances have been under constant attention from fashion critics and fans, managed to look flawless every time she posed outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital just hours after giving birth. But as a mom herself, Keira Knightley isn’t impressed by the Duchess of Cambridge’s attempts to look perfect early in her postpartum period.

In an essay titled “The Weaker Sex” which appears in the collection “Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies)”, the “Pride and Prejudice” star slams the royal for setting an unrealistic expectation for other women. She compares her own experience after giving birth to her daughter Edie, just one day before Kate and Prince William welcomed their second child, Princess Charlotte, on May 2, 2015.

“We stand and watch the TV screen. She [Kate] was out of hospital seven hours later with her face made up and high heels on,” Keira writes. “The face the world wants to see. Hide. Hide our pain, our bodies splitting, our breasts leaking, our hormones raging. Look beautiful, look stylish, don’t show your battleground, Kate.”

She continues, “Seven hours after your fight with life and death, seven hours after your body breaks open, and bloody, screaming life comes out. Don’t show. Don’t tell. Stand there with your girl and be shot by a pack of male photographers. This stuff is easy. It happens every day. What’s the big deal? So does death, you s**t-heads, but you don’t have to pretend that’s easy.”

As for her reality, the 33-year-old star shares, “My vagina split. You came out with your eyes open. Arms up in the air. Screaming. They put you on to me, covered in blood, vernix, your head misshapen from the birth canal. Pulsating, gasping, screaming.”

“You latched on to my breast immediately, hungrily, I remember the pain. The mouth clenched tight around my nipple, light sucking on and sucking out,” she goes on recalling. “I remember the s**t, the vomit, the blood, the stitches. I remember my battleground. Your battleground and life pulsating. Surviving. And I am the weaker sex? You are?”

The two-time Academy Award nominee also remembers when her family and friends visited her in the hospital, she “wore a hospital gown with paper pants on” and was still bleeding from childbirth. She adds, “My breast is out in front of them all and I don’t care. Your life is my life. You need me. I’m there. F**k them all with their eyes watching, their embarrassed faces at my animalistic semi-nudity. Is this soft motherhood?”

Despite her flawless post-baby looks, Kate’s pregnancy was never easy. The 36-year-old suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness, early in all her three pregnancies which forced her to cancel official engagements. The mother of three just returned to her royal duties after giving birth to Prince Louis back in April, by joining young students from St. Stephen’s School in London on Tuesday, October 2 for outdoor activities.

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