Kelly Clarkson Announces Her New Talk Show: Will Be Different Than ‘Anything That’s Been On’

Kelly Clarkson finally dished details on her new talk show! The singer revealed it’ll air before Ellen DeGeneres’ show, and more, during ‘The Tonight Show’ on Sept. 18.

Get ready. Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, which she announced will air next year, will not be your typical ask-and-answer setup. American Idol‘s Season One winner stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon, 44, at The Tonight Show on Sept. 18. The 36-year-old singer gave the audience a twirl in her frilly black and red gown before sitting down to deliver the juicy details, which she’s never shared before tonight. But first, Kelly talked about her Meaning of Life tour, which kick starts next January and Kelsea Ballerini and The Voice Season 14 winner Brynn Cartelli will join as special guests. Kelly then revealed the surprising way her upcoming tour relates to her talk show. “Well, I’m doing this to kind of prep for my talk show that’s going to be next year. We’re doing a live segment during my show,” Kelly revealed to Jimmy on-air. “So every night on tour, we’re going live online.” Kelly added that she’s doing this for the “people that can’t come out.”

Jimmy was just as shocked as us, who pointed out that Kelly’s talk show hasn’t been announced yet! Kelly agreed, saying that the news has “been leaked.” Kelly is most likely referring to a report that she filmed her talk show pilot at NBC Universal Studios in Los Angeles with special guests Josh Groban, Terry Crews and Chloë Grace Moretz on Aug. 10, according to an Entertainment Tonight eyewitness. But Kelly talked about the pilot herself on tonight’s show. “At the pilot, I got, you know, people to sing with me and do little skits. So it’s very musical as well. It would be weird if it wasn’t,” Kelly told Jimmy. She then revealed a two big pieces of information! “Yeah, it’s daytime. We’re on right before Ellen [DeGeneres],” Kelly said, referring to none other than The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT.

The Voice coach then explained how the show will work! Kelly’s touring band will also join her on the talk show, after Jimmy asked if she has a band. “That’s the cool thing. My people on tour. Because my show is actually going to be a little different than you know, anything that’s been on,” Kelly told Jimmy. “Just because I’m still touring, I’m still — you know what I’m saying? It’s kind of one of those things where my band is on the road with me, or they’re on the show with me.” As for what else viewers can expect, Kelly continued, “We sing everyday on the show and do like this fan request thing, it’s fun.”

Kelly then talks about another new phase in her life: the upcoming season of The Voice, which airs Sept. 24! You can watch a sneak-peek clip of Season 15 in the video above.

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