Kendall Jenner Got French with Ben Simmons After Embarrassing Loss

Kendall Jenner is no fairweather girlfriend — because after the 76ers lost to the putrid Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday … she stuck by Ben Simmons at a French restaurant in Philly. 

Here’s the thing — the Cavs are embarrassingly terrible. J.R. Smith recently quit the team after accusing them of tanking the season for a higher draft pick. It’s bad.

But, after the 76ers took the “L” on Friday, Ben and Kendall went to Parc — a French Bistro — the very next day. 

The comfort meal worked — because the 76ers bounced back with a win over the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday. 

Kendall was at the game — and was pictured going crazy in the stands as she cheered on her man. 

Still, there’s an online petition to get Kendall banned from 76ers home games in fear of the “Kardashian Kurse.”

We should note … ever since the two got back together on Nov. 3, the team is 9-4 and overall looking pretty good. They’re in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference. 

Sooooo … maybe she should KEEP coming to the games!

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