Kevin Hart Barely Survives Scary Flight As Plane’s Tire Bursts During Landing — Watch

Kevin Hart had the scare of a lifetime when the tire burst on his private plane just as it was landing in Boston, causing the jet to fishtail. We’ve got the terrifying video.

Thank goodnes sKevin Hart‘s number wasn’t up as the funnyman’s private jet had a tire blow out just as it was touching down at Boston’s Logan Airport, leaving him really shaken. It gave the 38-year-old comedian quiet a scare and he took to Snapchat moments later, so emotional from the close call on May 3. He and his pals were flying from Philly to Boston to cheer on the 76ers in their NBA playoff game later in the evening when they terrifying event took place. “Caught a flat as we touched down…. crazy, crazy… fishtailed like crazy,’ he explained, appearing near tears. “I got real life angels on my back…. I am protected. I truly believe it. I always have but when things like this happen, it’s confirmation, it’s confirmation. God is good and so is life.” He showed just how bad the damage was with a close up shot of the tire absolutely ripped to shreds.

He later took to his Instagram account to show himself alongside fellow comedians Na’im Lynn and Spank Horton and stylist John Burgandee, all crouched under the wing of the plane with hands clasped in prayer. “God is Good with a capital G…Had our first serious airplane scare today. Our planes tire busted on one side as we were landing and sh*t got real for a second. No body was harmed…Our pilot handled the situation perfectly. Once again God is GOOD!!!! #Blessed ….P.S you Can tell that spank is still shaken up by the way he is posing.”

Thank goodness Kevin survived the terrifying landing and was able to make it to Boston’s TD Garden to watch his beloved 76ers in game two against the Celtics. His close friend and newly freed Meek Mill could have ended up on the same nearly-doomed flight, but he flew to Boston aboard the private jet of Sixers owner Michael Rubin instead.

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