Khloe Kardashian under fire for piercing two-month-old baby True’s ears

Khloe Kardashian had a pretty dramatic end to her pregnancy with daughter True and now she’s caused controversy by already getting the tot’s ears pierced.

The reality star – who welcomed her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson two months ago – revealed that the little one is wearing studs in her ears when she posted a video of her on Wednesday during Khlo’s 34th birthday celebrations.


Khloe gushed over her ‘little lady’ as they shared a cuddle but many of her fans weren’t happy with her for deciding to pierce True’s ears at such a young age.

‘Does Khloe Kardashian’s baby have her ears pierced? Ffs sake man, what’s the point. Having your ears pierced is to accessorise and wear jewellery in order to look nice, BABIES DON’T NEED THAT !!’ one commented online, whilst another wrote: ‘how on Earth could you put your tiny baby through that pain for vanity is beyond me, and it looks so tacky it’s so cruel’

‘Of course @khloekardashian pierced True’s ears that whole entire family only care about how they look! I mean I’m surprised none of them have put make up on their babies yet,’ a Twitter user agreed.

And one added: ‘I think that’s disgusting. Getting a baby’s ears pierced is so so wrong and selfish’

However, plenty of Khloe’s fans have fought back and argued that there’s nothing wrong with what she’s done.

‘Why are people even sending negativity to @khloekardashian for piercing HER BABIES EARS…lemme say that again that’s HER CHILD,’ one admirer tweeted.

Another wrote: ‘i love it!!! she looks ADORABLE!!! just like the millions of other non-celeb baby girls that get their ears pierced..people are only talking s*** bcause its @khloekardashian !!’

It comes after Khloe – who faced rumours that boyfriend Tristan, 27, had cheated on her when she was heavily pregnant – was joined by family and friends to toast her birthday this week.

And sister Kim suggested that the clan have forgiven Tristan when she filmed herself asking him to unblock her on Instagram – little bit awkward but fair enough.

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