Khloe Kardashian Gets Trolled With ‘Cheating’ Songs After Asking Fans For New Gym Music

Khloe Kardashian had to have seen this coming. She asked fans for new workout music suggestions via Twitter and got trolled hard with songs about cheating!

Now that Khloe Kardashian is back in the gym and trying to work off her post-baby pregnancy weight, she’s looking for new jams to get her pumped. The mom to five-week-old daughter True Thompson took to Twitter on May 15 and asked fans, “I need new music for my workout playlist. Any suggestions?” Some fans decided to troll the 33-year-old about baby daddy Tristan Thompson‘s alleged cheating scandal just days before she gave birth. The NBA star was photographed kissing a strip club worker then taking her back to his NYC hotel and Khloe’s fans aren’t about to let her forget about the betrayal.

One fan suggested Dua Lipa‘s “New Rules” which is about not taking back a guy who is bad for you. Another person suggested Carrie Underwood‘s betrayal anthem “Before He Cheats.” A number of users suggested she take a good hard listen to sister Kim Kardashian‘s arch enemy Taylor Swift‘s Reputation album. One fan got really specific with their suggestion, telling Khloe “Cardi B’s album: Invasion of Privacy. Listen to thru your phone, feel empowered, and then never ever take Tristan Thompson back!!!!!” Yet another person got in an infidelity dig by suggesting “Should’ve Cheated” by Keisha Cole.

Fortunately not everyone was there to remind Khloe of a betrayal that she will likely never forget. She seems to have forgiven Tristan and moved forwards for the sake of their daughter. She’s still living at his home in Cleveland while he and the Cavaliers have been fighting their way through the NBA playoffs. But some of her fans are pretty upset that she appears to have taken him back after the public humiliation and pain he caused her and they’re not about to let her forget about it. Several fans even didn’t bother suggesting songs and just begged her to go home to California with her baby. “Come back to Cali girl. Bring baby True. Why stay with someone who is cheater negative energy. Didn’t u have enough with Lamar?” one user wrote in the comments. Brutal!

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