Are Khloe & Tristan Having ‘Another Baby’? Why Her Trainer Says Workouts Might Lead To That

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Khloe has been hitting the gym hard with her baby daddy since giving birth to True, which hasn’t just been great for her post-baby bod, but for her relationship as well!

We’ve all heard of the buddy system, but Khloe Kardashian, 33, and Tristan Thompson, 27, have been putting that into practice at the gym six days a week. Turns out True Thompson‘s momma isn’t the only one working to stay slim after welcoming her baby girl in April — Tristan has been sweating at her side. He is an NBA player, after all, so the training makes sense, but it isn’t just getting these two in shape! It may be getting their relationship off of the rocks and back where they want it. The rock-hard abs are just an added benefit… “Him being a professional athlete champion, he performs at a higher level. He pushed her to reach that level,” their trainer Don Brooks told Us Weekly. “So really it’s having me go easier on my job, because he’s in there pushing her, so I can kind of demonstrate the exercises and let them support each other.” This isn’t just a way to get ripped, but to get romantic as well!

“When the workout’s up, they might end up with another baby True!” Brooks joked. And TBH, it’s not a crazy idea. Sweating through a tough workout sesh just might lead to sweating somewhere else, if you know what we mean! Plus, these two have been spending a ton of time together since they moved to Los Angeles. But Tristan and Khloe aren’t just grabbing lunch in gym attire or having dinner after the baby is in bed — they’re allegedly logging lots of quality time in the bedroom as well. “Khloe says they have acrobatic sex, and she’s convinced all their wild sex is doing wonders for her body,” a source told Hollywoodlife EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s been joking that her favorite workout is sex.”

LOL. How ironic would it be if all the ways Khloe’s been losing weight only led to another bun in the oven? We’ll be keeping a close eye on her slim self while these workouts continue.

Things may have been difficult for this couple since Tristan’s infidelity surfaced right before Khloe gave birth, BUT we respect their dedication to stick with each other. So to hear that they’re working on their relationship by working out sounds like a step in the right direction.

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