Kim Kardashian Dissed By Fans After Huge Spelling Mistake On Her Birthday Card To Kourtney

Kim Kardashian was embarrassingly called out by fans after she misspelled the word ‘gluten’ in her birthday card to big sis Kourtney Kardashian. See it here!

Oops! Kim Kardashian, 37, made a little mistake when she wrote out a birthday card to big sis Kourtney Kardashian, 39, and her fans aren’t letting her live it down! “Kourt – Happy Birthday. Live your glueten free life!!! Xo Kim,” the card read, which Kourtney shared on Instagram. Kim clearly misspells the word “gluten” in the card even though the front of the card included the word in the greeting about a gluten free, fat free and sugar free life. Although Kourtney didn’t seem to care about the small misspelling, Kim’s fans sure did!

“Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that Kim Kardashian can’t spell gluten?,” one Twitter user wrote. “Kim Kardashian misspelling gluten even though the word is right there on the front of the card honestly reactivated my depression…,” another tweet read. “Okay so @KimKardashian doesn’t know how to spell gluten ???,” one shocked user wrote. “idk whats more shocking, the lack of effort kim put into kourtneys birthday card or the fact that kim kardashian cant spell the word gluten,” another user who agreed tweeted. Others just simply corrected her by tweeting, “*gluten.”

In addition to Kim’s misspelled card, Kourtney showed off her birthday card from younger sis Khloe Kardashian, 33. Khloe’s card was quite the opposite and talked about sugary foods, which is most likely a joke considering it seems Kourtney’s following a strict diet. The new mom had the support of both her sisters when they went to Cleveland to be there for the birth of her daughter after Tristan Thompson‘s cheating scandal made headlines.

It looks like Kourtney still had a great birthday, misspellings and all!

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