Kim Kardashian Reveals the One Thing She Would Change About Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian reveals the one thing that about husband Kanye West that totally drives her crazy!

While appearing on Ashley Graham‘s new podcast Pretty Big Deal, the 37-year-old reality star revealed that the 41-year-old rapper falling asleep everywhere really gets under her skin at times.

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“I would say Kanye is definitely a little bit narcoleptic. He falls asleep, like, everywhere,” Kim shared. “My first fashion dinner when he was introducing us to people, they hardly spoke English and we were in France and he falls asleep at the dinner table in a restaurant.”

As for what Kanye would change about Kim? Her cursing.

“He’d prefer me not to curse. I do curse a lot,” Kim continued. “He would probably like it if I sent him sexy pictures more often. Yeah, I gotta get with it.”

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