Kim Kardashian Shares Incredible Photo Taken At 2 Chainz And Kesha Ward’s Wedding

Rapper 2 Chainz married long-time girlfriend Kesha Ward in August, and on the guest list were Kim Kardashian West and her husband, Kanye West. Kim posted a photo from the nuptials on her Instagram account Thursday afternoon. Kesha and Kim sit on ornate golden and white chairs, while their husbands stand behind. Rapper 2 Chainz takes the moment to kiss his new wife on her cheek while Kanye flashes a rare toothy smile. Kim looks casually stunning in a pair of narrow-framed sunglasses and a slight smile.

The bride looks effortlessly beautiful in a detailed wedding gown complete with matching cap and headpiece. She proudly displays her tattoos in the sleeveless look and looks happy as her husband embraces her. Kim sports a yellow-green bodycon dress (which looks like it was made out of latex) and strappy stilettos. Her hair is long, sleek, and dark as she tilts her head toward the happy couple.

Kanye wears a beige-green suit and slide sandals. His choice of shoes caused a bit of a stir as some deemed that slides were inappropriate wedding attire. However, Kanye obviously planned the ensemble, as his sandals perfectly match his suit.

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Kim Kardashian West shared the photo with her over 116.9 Instagram followers. Even then, more versions of the photo exist (including a standing one) which proves just how strong the bond is between the couples.

White rose petals litter the glass floor as the couples pose in front of an extravagant flower display.

According to People Magazine, this wasn’t the first time that 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward were engaged. Before their wedding, the couple had been engaged once before (he proposed at the BET awards in the summer of 2013), but the pair had never made official plans. When 2 Chainz proposed earlier this year at the Met Gala, the wedding was held three months later.

The couple have three children together, two girls and a boy. Harmony, Heaven, and Halo wore red at the reception of their parents and posed for pictures. Later, 2 Chainz took a moment to dance with his mother. The sweet video was shared with the artist’s 5.4 million followers and captured the hearts of his fans.

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First dance with moms ????????????

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At the reception, 2 Chainz changed into a gold blazer, and Kesha wore a stunning gorgeous red gown. Other artists were also at the wedding, including rapper Lil Wayne, whose attendance was also posted about on social media.

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Chainz’s. #lookinlikeitrecords

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