Kim Kardashian Speaks About Getting a "Zing" During First Kiss with Pete Davidson

The Kardashians are busy doing press for the premiere of their new Hulu show Keeping Up with The Kardashians, and Kim Kardashian went ahead and stopped by Amanda Hirsch’s beloved Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast to dish about her and Pete Davidson’s first kiss and alllll the vibes she felt right after.

But first up, some timeline facts: Kim confirmed that she and Pete did briefly meet at the Met Gala, and that he even tried to give her his number. But alas, she was wearing full-length gloves and couldn’t access her phone (tale as old as time, been there). On top of that, despite the fact that Kim was working with Saturday Night Live for days prior to the show, Pete didn’t show up on set until literally Saturday.

And as we all know, their skit involved kissing—which is when Kim felt a spark. “When when we kissed I was just like hmmm,” Kim said. “It was a stage kiss, but it was still like…a little zing, you know? It wasn’t anything like super crazy-feeling, I was just like hmm.” Kim explained that at first she thought “I haven’t kissed anyone else in 10 years so maybe I’m just being stupid and it’s just nothing and it’s just a stage kiss” but a few days later “I was like hmmm, there is some BDE action, how am I gonna…I just gotta get myself out there.”

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Expect Kim to open up about how she and Pete connected on The Kardashians, but she teased that they hung out privately before those Knott’s Scary Farm pics dropped (which were leaked, btw!).

Listen to Kim’s full NSBNF episode below:

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