Kim Kardashian’s Nude Instagram Post Will Make You Do A Double Take

Kim Kardashian West models her new eye makeup product from her KKW Beauty line — while posing completely naked.

Kim Kardashian West might be trying to break the internet again. At least, one might get that impression, judging from her completely nude Instagram post she published on Thursday morning for her adoring fans to see.

Posting on her Instagram account this morning, Kardashian appeared on a bed with blue satin bedsheets, most of her totally exposed body appearing on top of the sheets, save for a small piece of fabric just below her midsection. Completely topless in the photo shoot and with one knee bent, the other leg relaxed, Kardashian also covers her topless breasts with her fingertips, ensuring that the photo complies with the rules and terms of the social media site.

Kardashian, who is lying upside-down in relation to the person who is photographing her, is also wearing sparkling eye makeup, which she appears to be promoting in her post to begin with. “A little silver eye this morning!” Kardashian wrote, plugging the Flashing Lights collection from her KKW Beauty line of products. She also gives due credit to the photographer, David LaChapelle, by tagging him in the post.

The eye makeup that Kardashian subtly advertises in her post will soon be available for purchase “this Friday Exclusively on,” she added.

See Kim’s NSFW Instagram post here.

It’s not Kardashian’s first foray into risque modeling and isn’t even the only post she made this week in which caused a bit of a stir. Earlier this week, per previous reporting from the Inquisitr, Kardashian also posed alongside a male model who was also sporting his birthday suit. Kardashian was wearing clothing, while the model held up a mirror to herself. In that same post, Kardashian was also plugging her KKW Beauty product line.

Rumors abound about Kardashian’s marriage to rapper and producer Kanye West, with some speculating there’s trouble in their relationship because of recent comments made by West, reported Elle magazine. But Kardashian sought to quell those rumors, speaking out about her love for her husband in another Instagram post earlier this month.

“We got love,” she captioned on a pic of her and West together.

While fans of her not-so-shy Instagram posts and pictures online like and share her publications at an enormous rate, there is one feature that Kardashian is not entirely happy with: her rear-end.

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, sister Kourtney commented on the size of Kim’s butt when she sat down. Defending her statement, Kourtney said, “She likes having a big butt, I’m not saying anything offensive,” per other reporting from the Inquisitr.

Kim set the record straight. “No I don’t! I cry about it on the daily,” she told her family.

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