Kourtney Kardashian Shades Sister Kim Kardashian By Posting Fan-Made Diss Rap

The feud between Kourtney Kardashian and her sister, Kim Kardashian, may not be over after all.

According to an August 24 report by Us Weekly Magazine, Kourtney Kardashian threw some serious shade at her sister when she posted a fan-made rap parody diss about the famous family, hailing Kourt as the queen of the reality TV brood.

“I’m the oldest of the fam / But I look the best / I’m a skinny legend / All the fans are all obsessed / When ya talk about my family / You say Kourtney and the rest / No one recognizes Kim / Until she’s undressed,” the lyrics of the song read.

“I think that I just spilled way too much of the tea / When you think about shade, yeah, you think about me / I have a busy schedule, yeah I got places to be / After all, I’m the only one with a degree,” the rap continues.

In the original video, which is over eight minutes long and features parody rap battles dissing all of the sisters by each Kardashian/Jenner sister, the song references Khloe Kardashian’s cheating boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, Kim’s sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J, her feud with Taylor Swift, Kendall’s Pepsi commercial scandal, and Kylie Jenner’s paternity rumors.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian didn’t post the rest of the video, which featured the more hurtful content. However, she did share a few parts of it to her Instagram story, and many fans believe it was to throw shade at Kim Kardashian, whom she has been feuding with as of late.


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The feud started at the end of last year when Kim and Kourtney argued over a photo shoot for the family’s Christmas card. The fight turned ugly, and Kim ended up telling Kourt that nobody wanted her in the Christmas card, and that she was the “least exciting” member of the family to look at.

Earlier this month, Kourtney Kardashian spoke out about the tension between she and her sisters, and revealed that she thinks that it stems from her working on herself and expressing her feelings about certain situations.

“I’ve been really working on myself a lot and I think through my growth, I’m better at expressing myself. I think in the past I’ve always been great at, like, not being emotional. I think that I’m better now at expressing my feelings. It’s a lot of communication instead of letting things go back into the way that they were. It’s definitely a process and you’ll see it throughout the season,” Kardashian stated.

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