Kristin Cavallari Reportedly Fires Her Social Media Staffer for Insensitive 9/11 Caption on Her Instagram

An Instagram post with an insensitive caption was posted to Kristin Cavallari‘s official account on September 11.

The captioned reportedly read, “NYC for 24hrs. And what a time to be here..always remember,” but backlash was quick and the caption was quickly changed to “NYC for 24hrs.”

The person who posted this caption was reportedly fired, Page Six reports. Apparently, Kristin sent in the caption, “24 hours in New York City,” but the staffer took it upon themselves to add the 9/11 reference.

Comments on the post, which is still live and features a photo of Kristin in a low cut dress, include “Wrong picture for the sentiment in the post,” and “This is super insensitive.”

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