KSI Says He Wants to 'Break Jake Paul's Face' After Logan Rematch

Logan ain’t the only Paul Brother KSI is looking to destroy in the ring … the YouTube superstar-turned-boxer tells TMZ Sports he wants a boxing match with Jake Paul!!

We spoke with KSI about his plans following his rematch with Logan on Nov. 9 at Staples Center … and he revealed he wants his next victim to be the guy who beat his little brother, Deji, last year.

“I want to fight Jake Paul, man. I really want to break his face,” KSI tells us.

Of course, KSI and Logan’s first matchup ended in a draw. If there would’ve been a clear winner, Jake says he would’ve been next in line to take on KSI.

For his part, Jake is pissed he’s not on the Nov. 9 card … and thinks it’s KSI’s fault.

Now … KSI tells us he’s gonna grant Jake his wish … telling us he’s down to settle their differences in the ring.

“I would love to break Jake’s face as well as Logan’s. I personally don’t think, as soon as I knock out Logan, I don’t think he’s gonna want to fight me. I think he’s gonna see that and be afraid and just be like, yo, actually, I don’t know if this whole boxing thing is for me.”

As for the Logan fight, KSI says he’s put in at least $300k in training for the event … and tells us how it’s gonna be totally different this time around.

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