Kylie Jenner Addresses Paternity Rumors In Two Words

Jenner took to social media to address and ongoing rumor.

It seems as though Kylie Jenner has had enough of the rumors that her bodyguard could potentially be the father of her daughter, Stormi.

For those who have been following the story, there is a side-by-side photo of Kylie’s daughter, Stormi, and her bodyguard, Tim Chung, that has been circulating the internet. Many fans have pointed out the resemblance between the two, most notably in their eyes, alleging that Chung could be the father. But, as the Inquisitr reported a few days ago, Jenner’s bodyguard put the rumors to rest on his end.

In the statement, a normally private Chung addressed the rumors, calling them “so ridiculous that they are laughable.” He also noted that he has a “deep respect” for Kylie, Travis Scott, and their families, while confirming the fact that his relationship with Kylie is strictly professional. On his Instagram page, Chung said that this would be his first and last comment on the matter.

On the flip side, Jenner has remained silent on the rumors, as there are surely many rumors going around about her all day, every day. But, last night, it seems as though Kylie thought that enough is enough and it appears that she finally commented on the situation using only two words.

The lip kit mogul took to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself and boyfriend Travis Scott dressed up at last week’s Met Gala. Her caption was simple and to the point: Stormi’s parents, she wrote.

Stormi’s Parents????

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Within just nine hours of being posted, Jenner’s latest post has already gotten a ton of traffic, with over 3 million likes and 35,000-plus comments. Many fans applauded Jenner for finally putting the rumors to bed, even commenting on what a great looking couple she and Scott make.

“Stormi is proud to have them as parents.”

“Perfect Pair, ideal,” another fan wrote.

But a few fans were quick to quip back at Jenner, still thinking that there is a possibility that Chung is actually Stormi’s father.

“Nah the body guard the dad,” one fan wrote.

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Unfortunately for Kylie, this is not the first time that people have questioned who Stormi’s father is. After many people, including Tyga himself, speculated that he could be the father of baby Stormi, the Daily Mail reports that Kylie did a paternity test to put the rumors to rest and prove that Travis Scott is indeed Stormi’s father.

It’s probably only a matter of time before the next rumor involving Kylie Jenner starts to circulate on the web.

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